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Nonzero is all about living with an intention – specifically, the intention to be kind and fearless, to strive for a better version of ourselves, to recognize the positive elements in life, to create memorable moments in daily experiences, to create relationships that matter, and to be generous.


The Nonzero journey commenced in 2007 in Taipei with a restaurant (we are what we eat) and a lifestyle store (we vote with

what we buy).  A new chapter started in 2020 when we moved to Nonzero Farm in Taitung, drawn to the region’s pristine natural environment and the allure of country living. At Nonzero Farm, we began experimenting with regenerative agriculture and the creation of a sustainable profit-for-purpose business.


You might be curious about the choice of our name, Nonzero. We drew inspiration from Robert Wright’s book, Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny. Robert Wright's non-zero-sum theory asserts that human interactions aren't always zero-sum, where one person's gain equates to another's loss. Instead, collaborative interactions can yield mutual benefits, leading to positive-sum outcomes that nurture humanity and interdependence. 

"Buy less, Buy better, Buy memories, Buy timeless.“


My name is Ming, and I am the founder of Nonzero.

I’m on a quest to integrate work, life, and happiness by experimenting with profit-for-purpose businesses. 

As an accidental entrepreneur, I’m learning to shift from conformity to creativity, from fear to fearlessness, and from logical reasoning to aesthetic intelligence. 


I have also come to realize that seeking happiness as our primary goal might not be the best approach.

Instead, we should focus on becoming happier as we go through life.  


As I like to say, "Happiness exists in our actions,

and each action is an intentional choice to be authentic, positive, and kind so that we may touch the earth lightly."


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